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IQ – Our smartest
release so far

The IQ concept integrates innovative technology with windows, doors, and sliding doors. IQ gives you total control and enhances your sense of security in your home. IQ provides better energy savings, increased integrity, and takes your well-being to a whole new level. IQ is security, comfort, and health in a new way.
Smarter than ever.

Smarter safety

Closing and locking control

Closing and locking control

Our integrated magnet contacts, well hidden in sashes and frames, sense and indicate that doors and windows are closed or open, locked or unlocked. This creates a great sense of security when you, via your app, are able to check that everything is locked. The sensors can signal to our alarm system in the event of a break-in, but can also activate other functions. For example, the light in your hall can light up when you open the front door. Our app also enables you to check and control your lock at a distance. Automatic opening and closing functions can also be added.

Motion detector


Our motion detector acts as a radar. It can be pointed from house entrances, such as doors, glass doors, and sliding doors, toward the yard, and register movements at a certain distance that you’ve set. You can choose to have the detector send an alarm signal, turn on lights, or inform you about activities through push notifications to your smartphone or tablet.

Combination lock and fingerprint scan

With our combination lock you’ll never have to keep track of your keys again. You can open the door by entering a code or unlock just by approaching the lock with a special code tag in your pocket. Fingerprint scan is an alternative solution that scans the user’s fingerprints before letting anyone in.

Camera surveillance

Camera surveillance

Surveys show that the burglar often rings the doorbell to check if someone is home before breaking in. The camera system that we connect to our doors can photograph everyone that rings the doorbell and archive images in our cloud service*. With the door camera, you can, at a distance or in your home, see who rings the doorbell as well as unlock the door – using our app.

Glass break sensors

Glass break sensors

Our glass break sensors are placed on all types of windows, glass sections, or doors with glass. Using advanced technology, the sensor reacts to sounds and vibrations and emits an alarm signal in the event of a burglary attempt.

Smarter comfort

Sound and lightning control

Sound and lightning

Integrate the sound and lighting functions in your home with our app. This way you can control your home electronics and, for example, be greeted by a lit up and welcoming home, to the sounds of your favorite playlist. Everything powered up remotely, by you, before you’re even home.

Private glass


A laminate of liquid crystals makes the glass go from completely clear in the OFF position, to immediately opaque, frosted, in the ON position. Private glass enables you to glaze facades that normally require visibility protection – bedrooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, etc. In frosted mode an image can be projected on the glass.

Warm glass

Warm glass provides a balanced indoor climate even in houses with large glass sections. When the innermost glass surface is heated, the draft from glass sections is reduced – the function is equivalent to a typically insulated exterior wall. You experience an exact temperature throughout the room and your sense of comfort is significantly enhanced.

Smarter health

Reflecting protection

Reflecting protection

Our internally mounted roll-down curtain with aluminum cladding reflects sun rays and protects the indoor environment from heat and UV radiation. The roll-down curtain can be activated using our app or programmed to automatically adjust to varying conditions. This way you can enjoy healthy sunlight and protect yourself from harmful UV radiation.

Antibacterial glass

Antibacterial glass

Antibacterial glass contains silver ions that eliminate 99.9 % of all bacteria that forms on the surface as well as the spreading of bacteria. This type of glass is thus very suitable for use in environments that require extra good hygiene, such as hospitals or your bathroom.

Lighting control

With our system you can gain full control of the sunlight to optimize comfort and energy consumption. On a sunny summer day, you can, for example, control the indoor temperature by activating our solar shading system. In the winter, you can use the system to ensure that you get maximal energy from the sun, helping to heat up your home – economic and climate smart! We have both indoor and outdoor systems for solar shading. “Energy Frames” are our new addition for outdoor solar shading.

Better air quality

Better air quality

Through IQ’s ventilation system, readings for air pressure, temperature, carbon dioxide, and humidity can be used to automatically adjust the ventilation in your home or at your office. Optimal ventilation creates more efficient work environments and more comfortable home environments. For example, the system can continually optimize your bedroom climate to ensure that you have the right conditions to always wake up refreshed.

Smart cloud service

Smart cloud service

Our cloud service provides easy access to IQ-controlled products wherever you are – as long as you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. The cloud service enables our products to interact with other smart products and features in your home, as long as they communicate using the Z-Wave protocol. This way, you can gather more features for your home in one single app.

Appt and ready

Many units in the IQ system can be controlled via our app. This can be done in your home or at a distance, provided that there is mobile coverage. Use the app on a tablet, in your smartphone, or on a computer. The app is compatible with both Apple and Android.

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